The Pain of Losing Your Social Security Card


Losing your Social Security card can be a huge pain since all American citizens must have a Social Security card. Everyone would love to speed up their Social Security Card replacement process and receive the card in the shortest time possible. However, the processing procedure while replacing your card keeps on changing. It is imperative to consider that the Social Security card may be replaced up to thrice in a year and ten times in your lifetime, after which strict regulations may be administered by the Social Security Administration. In over twenty states, online applications fromĀ can successfully be done with only the driver’s licenses. Speeding up the replacement process would require you to find a simple website that you are familiar with. This will surely make it easier for you to navigate through the website with no challenges. A website you are accustomed to will allow you to have an easier time in locating the necessary sectors where critical information for processing your Social Security Card is needed.

Your Social Security card has been designed in a manner that avoids counterfeit, thus caution needs to be observed when carrying it around. It is also designed in an indestructible manner making it long lasting. The original card needs to be kept safe at all times although this might not be the case always. Having copies of the original verified documents also speeds up the replacement process. The bureau responsible for issuing out these documents should have certified them. With certified original copies, there will be no need for further inquiries into whether the documents are legit while uploading them to the selected website. Essentially, the documents will be scanned to validate their originality after the application process is complete. Filling all the essential instructions in the application form guarantees a faster response in receiving your Social Security card.

The Social Security Administration bears the responsibility of checking and validating your replacement requests. The delivery period stated by the Social Security Administration is in the range of two weeks. The process is slower since new cards being provided by the Social Security Administration are sent via the postal mails. The SSA prints all Social Security cards thus preventing an individual from printing their own cards. This ascertains that no outside sources are used in the process. There is also a prohibition on expedited card delivery as all cards are delivered via postal mails to ensure that the cardholder has a working mail address as stated in the application form.

Even though it is impossible to speed up the replacement process, one can prevent any possible delays towards the delivery period. Delays may be encountered when the applicant’s name is incorrect, making it rather difficult for the mail delivery person to confirm whom the address belongs to. The applicant needs to be keen on the delivery information being provided to ensure the card is delivered to the correct address. Postal Services may require the names of mail recipients to be accurately shown on or in the mailboxes for security measures. It is a bit hard to speed up the Social Security card replacement procedure when it comes to the delivery process. However, filling the application form as directed ensures the validation process takes a shorter time for quick delivery of your new Social Security card.