The beauty of Russian furniture

In the modern world, Russian furniture is considered a highly recognized standard of not only a remarkable style but also of proven quality. During its production, Russian designers use amazing combinations of ancient traditions of artisans along with new technologies for processing materials used.

To choose certain models, it is necessary, considering features of the interior, and also style. The sufficiently wide range of products allows you to determine the product for the shortest possible time. To date, there are a large number of styles by which Russian furniture such as меблировка под заказ can be produced, including the Russian bedroom. These styles can be classicism or modernism.

To create coziness in the house, you can buy various items and modular furniture systems of Russian production. To make your house stylish, modern and comfortable for housing, it is enough to decide on a good choice of designer quality furniture. It should be noted that the time-proved fact that multifunctionality of each piece of the interior is of great importance. Therefore, it is necessary to give preference to those models that have several functions at the same time. For example, a bed, with sliding cupboards or a chair-bed and much more.

An advantage factor is considered to be easy availability on price formation. Almost every person can find a suitable option for themselves both regarding purpose and style and at a price.The quality of Russian furniture has long been inferior to the best-imported samples, and the buyer increasingly chooses domestic products. Russian producers were helped by the crisis: at a comparable quality, the price for domestic products is much lower.

The furniture made of a wooden file very favorably affects the mood of the person. Some psychologists consider furniture from a natural tree to balance the processes of the nervous system in children and adults. If a person is nervous or hyperactive, the spirit of a natural tree soothes him. When a person is tired or not very active – leads him into a tone giving energy and a charge of vivacity.

Today, furniture from the Russian massif often surrounds older people and people that undergo rehabilitation after complex operations, as it has healing properties and improves well-being. In Russia, furniture from the array is very popular, because the tree is originally Russian material. Long ago wooden houses were built, furniture was made, wooden canvases were used for icon painting or paintings. Therefore, Russian furniture from the array will not leave indifferent not one Russian person.

How to choose furniture of Russian production?

When selecting the following points should be considered:

• To purchase furniture better in a large salon, focusing on well-known Russian brands.

• Each piece of furniture must have a name and function: furniture for the hallway, kitchen or children’s room.

• The marking of furniture must include the address of the manufacturer, the manufacturing standard (OST or GOST), and the characteristics of the finishing materials.

• Instructions for use, containing recommendations for temperature and humidity, should be attached to the furniture.

• For children’s furniture, a GOST certificate of conformity is required.