Dangers of Identity Theft through Social Security Cards

A social security card is a nine-digit card issued by the Social Security Administration to all US citizens both permanent residents and temporary residents. This card is used for a variety of purposes by the government of US and other financial institutions like a bank. It helps the government in keeping all records of citizens for easy identification in every important involvement of an individual with the social facilities like employment. It is quite alarming when you lost your card, or when it’s stolen. Replace it immediately through application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/replacement-social-security-card-child/.

The time your card is lost and its replacement is important; it needs urgent attention to curb the dangers of losing your social security card. The biggest danger to losing one’s social security number is identity theft. Identity theft is a serious crime that creates havocs in the victim’s life. And social security card is one of the ways through which thieves utilize your identity for illicit purposes like obtaining credits in your name, make purchases in your name, and applying for loans and opening new credit accounts using your social security number.

One may come to know that he has become a victim of identity theft only when he receives a phone call from an unknown creditor or shops demanding for items’ payment that he has never bought. Some other problems associated with social security card identity theft such as employment problems. In short, the after effects of social security identity theft is quite distressing.

Nowadays, about everyone wants your Social Security number – phone companies, video stores or health clubs. It can be someone who wants to know your credit rating, then find out whether you pay your bills or not. Others want to keep track of you by way of name and address changes. The higher the number of persons who see your card, the more vulnerable you are to identity theft, that is, somebody posing as you by using your name and credit rating to embezzle money.

If you ever lost your card, you should immediately report to the federal authorities, local state and other financial institutions like banks. They will be alerted to decline any transaction that can be made using your lost card until you replace it in a short while. The process for replacing a lost card is very simple. Some documents are submitted by mail or in person to the local Social Security Administration office. After verification of these documents, it is quite easy to get a replacement soon.

Hence, the best way to avoid identity theft is to be careful always. Put your card in a safe place and never disclose your social security number to anyone unless necessary.

On the other hand, if it is important for you to carry your card, then use options such as iWallet – the high tech men’s cash and credit card wallet – to secure your number and other personal details plus cash. A specialty of iWallet is that it could be opened or accessed only if it recognizes your finger print, since it is incorporated with a biometric scanner. Likewise, when you discover that your social security card is lost or stolen, report it at once to Federal Trade Commission by filing a complaint with it.