Dangers of buying liquor from a untrusted seller

Revelers have occasionally been tempted into cheap liquor orchestrated by the need to salvage a few bucks for their next drink out. While the problem for counterfeit alcohol has traditionally been confined to third world countries, some countries in Europe have experienced the same problem for instance in the Czech Republic where twenty-six persons lost their lives as result of consuming counterfeit vodka mixed with pure methanol. Consumption of counterfeit has the potential of causing permanent liver failure, blindness, and death.

Although some of the alcohol consumers can tell if the drink they’re sipping smells or taste a little different than actual, some can’t. In some cases, the counterfeit product may at least resemble the actual drink and others it’s a mess. A genuine alcohol product is labeled with the key ingredients, the percent of alcohol content making it easy to keep track of how much alcohol you have consumed, be sure to take a look at the authentic alcohol at www.mulberrymax.com to get a rough idea of what genuine alcohol looks like. A properly produced and certified liquor is made with ethanol in controlled rationale making it safe to drink, but counterfeit can be made using a variety of products including nail polish remover, body sprays, isopropanol and methanol which act a substituted for ethanol. These products produce the similar effects to ethanol regarding making a person feel tipsy with less consumption but have a potentially dangerous effect on your body. A counterfeit product containing isopropanol a colorless and highly flammable industrial product has been found to have dire side effect including anesthesia, dizziness, vomiting, and coma.

One of the dangers of buying liquor from an unauthorized seller is the possibility of the landing of counterfeit product. When buying any liquor, be wary of unreasonably low prices, unknown brand names, poor quality print, and sediment in the drink and conduct a snap check on the packaging to authentic the product. In another case the brand name may have spelling mistakes, also check that the liquor is properly sealed. I you have an app on the smart phone you can also scan the bar codes and see if it’s listed as the genuine product. Only buy liquor from licensed distributors as your health is more important than tonight’s party and the tomorrow there will be another thrilling party

If you suspect to have purchase counterfeit liquor, don’t drink it, if you think you’ve drunk counterfeit alcohol, it’s advisable to seek medical advice immediately and report the seller to the local authority.

Alcohol manufacturers for instance in China are working with bars in the countries to promote refined drinking that is at par with counterfeit liquor consumption by holding cocktails competition, but the ball lies with the bartender themselves. Other countries have imposed barriers on alcoholic drinks with the hope the society will become less tolerant of counterfeit alcohol as it gets accustomed to alcoholic imports. According to the World Health Organisation, fake alcohol cases are on the rise and account for more than 70 percent of alcohol related deaths. Various governments have put in place new initiatives that will help tackle alcohol fraud; alcohol sellers have also been warned traders caught selling counterfeit alcohol risk being stripped of their trading licenses.

It should also be noted the not only does counterfeit liquor present a danger to the health of the consumer, it’s illegal threaten genuine jobs and businesses.