Cleaning Air Ducts at Home

When there is a major buildup of dust and dirt in your air systems, it is time to call a professional air duct cleaner. Over time when dirt accumulates in the air ducts of your house, the air you breathe becomes contaminated with particles, causing health problems and provoking allergy symptoms. Check your air ducts and vents to find evidence of contamination with high dust and dirt deposits or mold and musty smells.

If there is evidence of rodent infestation or your ducts are clogged with a large amount of dirt and debris that is being released into your home, professional air duct cleaning is essential.Professional duct cleaning companies can be hired for the job, we prefer Texans Force Air Duct Cleaning. They will come to you, remove all the grates from your system. Vacuums are placed into the duct work through these openings, and the dust and particles are vacuumed out. A brush is normally connected to this apparatus to loosen any debris.

Changing the filters on your system and cleaning the duct work is a job you should have done once a year. And some older systems will require even more often the that to keep them dust and particle free.

Doing this maintenance on your own can remove some of the contaminants such as dust and larger debris. The professionals get everything and can also take care of the rest of your heating or cooling system service. These include chimney inspection and any burner service or adjustment you may need.

The duct work systems of some homes can be quite extensive. There are usually lots of branches and hardly ever do we find all straight runs. Getting all of the ducts clean is crucial to good air quality. A good company will have remote cameras to inspect their work after it’s performed. These little glimpses down the duct will assure you they’ve done their job. Peace of mind will come from knowing the air your breathing is clean.

System cleanings can run anywhere from a few hundred bucks to a thousand or more, depending on a few variables including your system size where you live and the quality and reputation of the company you hire. Cheapest is not always best. Ask for references and find out what kind of equipment they will be employing. Check prices and find the right company for you.

Some people would think a newer house would need the ducts cleaned less often. This is usually not the case as a newer house is tighter and has less outside air infiltration to mix with contaminated indoor air. An older house with its little drafts and air leaks will bring in a lot more air to reduce the levels of pollutants. The new home’s air distribution system must be cleaned just as often.

Every room in your residence gets air from this system. This means that each room will be healthier to breathe in. The levels of pollutants being circulated throughout your home are evenly distributed. Making sure to clean your air ducts at least once a year, will help to improve the breathing quality for your entire family.