5 Reasons why you need a vacation in Cabo San Lucas

Situated at the southern of Baja California Peninsula, 775 miles of West Mexico, Cabo San-Lucas is a haven for those looking for a vacation full of sunshine. The region is famed for its underwater activities, the sea arch El Arco-de-Cabo-San Lucas, marine life and exemplary accommondations.

Here are some other reasons you should pack up and head to Cabo-San Lucas:

1. Untouched and scenic beaches
There are miles and miles of white sandy beaches which make the visitors get snugger. There is a variety of beaches to choose from. For example the Divorce Beach not only offers nice sandy beaches to relax on, but also you get to take a hike and climb over huge rocks which mostly is adaptable. You can also access the Lovers beach for a nice cool off on a hot day. The beaches are clean and intricately beautiful and you can enjoy exploring the surroundings and the perfect temperatures of the water which are not only refreshing but calming as well.

2. New cultural experience
Sometimes we all need to move away from the norm and experience new things in life, and Cabo-San Lucas will assure you of this adventure. A lot of the “locals” are believed to be originally from other regions in Mexico such as Sinaloa, Sonora and Guerrero. Locals born here normally call themselves “choyeros” and therefore you are guaranteed a real blend of history, culture and music. On a good day, you will be able to experience dance groups, cultural events and delicious foods. The people are really nice, hardworking and proud and a trip there will definitely awaken new discoveries and mindsets.

3. It is tremendously romantic
Cabo-San Lucas is a romantic destination, simply use cabo san lucas villa rentals. If you desire to have some quality time with your loved one, or are looking to get engaged, married or honeymooning, this is the perfect place to experience everything. You can opt to do horse riding, barefoot fine dining, spa treatments or sunset sails. Lover’s beach is popular with visiting couples as the perfect spot for romantic picnics, swimming and underwater activities like snorkeling.

4. Great for extreme sports
Do you thrive on adrenaline rush of extreme activities and sports? Cabo-San Lucas is set apart to have the most amazing landscapes for extreme sports for example extreme bungee jumping, extreme paragliding, extreme sling swings, zip lining, fly boarding, extreme off road drive among others. You will not have to worry about your safety as all the activities are licensed, regularly safety inspected and also insured.

5. The nightlife scene
A vacation to Cabo-San Lucas is not complete until you lose yourself to the exciting, spirited nightlife scene. Indulge yourself in the party paradises at the beach bars and waterfront cantinas found in the downtown tourist district around Plaza Bonita. You can rock and roll at Cabo Blue or Cabo Wabo Cantina and if you just want to sit back and enjoy nightlife niceties, you can take a puff of flavored tobacco at hookah lounges such as Fumari. There is ample transportation during the night if you like several club experiences at a go, thanks to the effective taxi system in Cabo.

There are other many reasons to take a vacation in Cabo San Lucas but it all boils down to your personal style and preferences.